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A RAD Interview with Anna-Maija Nyman

Get To Know Her

Introducing Anna-Maija Nyman, one of Rad's first flow team members. Get to know her and find out everything she experiences with pole dancing and more about her life. 

1. Is talent enough to succeed? 

I don't even know how you can measure being ”successful”. But all the professional pole dancers I know have worked very hard and have sacrificed a lot while pursuing their dream. You need a lot of passion, patience and devotion for your art.  

2. Are there limits to your training?  

I was not born to be flexible like a rhythmic gymnast and I don't have background from gymnastics so some of the crazy flips are out of my reach. I try to keep my training versatile and work a bit of all areas of pole but it's not my priority to try to be good at everything. Time is a big limitation for me because both have a day job & teach pole but I still want to practice every day.

3. Does it get easier?   

I don't really think training is so hard – I love it! I love it even when my muscles are tired or when I'm trying to learn impossible stuff and just crash on the crash mat. Everyone who knows me, knows that I spend looooots of  time at the studio and if it would be possible I'd train even more!   


4. Who was you inspiration to start pole dancing?   

The two first pole routines I ever saw on YouTube were performed by Oona Kivelä & Heidi Coker. Oona made me fall in love with power spins and Heidi got me obsessed about fonjis! The original Pole Art competition presented me so many amazing pole artists and showed what pole can be and definitely was my biggest inspiration during my first years of pole.

5. What’s next for you? 

I'm currently taking 6 months off from competing, so that I can focus on developing my skills, just play around and create new material. I have many pole camps and events coming up! My next competition will be POSA worlds in the end of November. 


6. What makes you happy?

Pole! Dancing! Music! 



7. How did you start pole dancing?

I saw an advertisement of a trial class and dragged two friends with me to try pole with me. I HATED my first pole class because I was not into basic spins or dancing at all (I understood the beauty of spins and flow much later) and the teacher wouldn't show me how to get upside down because it was a beginners' class :) I went to open pole the next day and managed to get upside down on my own. And that's when I got hooked!

8. Do you get obsessed?

About pole? Yes. Big time. 



9. Any big tip? 

Most of pole is not about what you do but how you do/feel it!



10. What don’t people know about you?

My first sport was ringette! It's a game on ice wearing ice hockey skates and ice hockey gear. I was a centre and I got penalties all the time because I played too rough haha.


11. Where is your ideal place to go for a trip?

I basically only travel for pole jobs and competitions because all my vacation from my day job disappear for my pole travels. I don't like non-active holidays or long time away from pole so it's totally fine! I really loved Australia and would love to visit again!



12. What kind of feelings do you get when you perform?

The best feeling ever is to just get sucked into the song and just feel whatever the performance is about and just dance! In competitions this doesn't happen often because of too much nerves and expectations. 



13. Which is your favorite Rad outfit?

Omg don't make me choose just one! I love all my outfits! Some of my favourites are the Tie me up halterneck top (I got it so many years ago and I still wear it all the time), NIB outfit in floral print and pretty much everything in red color. I think the red velvet Eve top & Peru shorts is the outfit I've worn the most because red never goes wrong and the cut is very nice.



14. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 

I have absolutely no idea! But still pole dancing and performing for sure! I'm interested in physiotherapy so who knows if I'll go back at school at some point.



15. Why do you love Rad?

RAD always has had a special place in my heart because Evridiki & Amalia contacted me before anybody knew me and they have been part of my pole journey almost from the beginning. And the outfits obviously look very pretty and are made with love!

Anna-Maija Nyman for RAD from Rad Polewear on Vimeo.

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Athlete: Anna-Maija Nyman


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