Our Story

Our Story

Run by high-energy

Amalia fell in love with pole dancing in 2009 and Evridiki followed shortly. One hot summer night, a couple of years later, Evridiki joked about starting a polewear brand and from that moment on Amalia couldn't stop thinking about it. As a result, in 2013, RΔD came to life, just with a Facebook page, a very good promo video and a few handmade samples. RΔD, for the first time, introduced stylish and fashionable pole clothing. Now our brand sets the trends and is a great influence on polewear design worldwide.
Run by high-energy <br>co-founders

Nice to meet you.
This is us.

Our dream team in Athens, represents girls with sparkly hearts and shimmery souls, and works hard to provide you with limited edition designs that will make you feel special in every possible way. We are determined to deliver to you only the raddest outfits in the name of comfort, high quality and sexiness.

RAD Ambassadors

RAD cares. <br>A lot.

RAD cares.
A lot.

Being sustainable isn’t just RAD, it’s what’s best for everyone, including the environment. We believe that the best way forward is the sustainable way forward therefore we’ve decided to step up our game and create a whole fully sustainable collection.  


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