Vacay the brand

A love letter to summer.                     RAD welcomes Vacay.

Hey RAD babes, meet Vacay! Vacay, these are the RAD babes!

It's time for you two to meet, since Vacay is RAD's baby sister brand.

We love summer—and as you know, we're based in Greece—so we decided to create Vacay as a way to express our feelings for the uniqueness of the never-ending, Greek summer state of mind.

Driven by our unrelenting devotion to this planet, we created a collection made from high-quality raw materials and sustainable natural fibres, where possible. And it also fits perfectly.

Get ready and discover Vacay: an entire collection of swimwear and beachwear for your summer longing.

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Donate €1 to ‘Alma Zois', an organisation for awareness and prevention against breast cancer. 

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