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Amalia Rousou

Growing up in Greece, I have developed a deep love for the sun & the sea. Iʼm pretty laid back, I love summer and the beach is my happy place. Pole dancing & fashion are my two passions and RAD is their love child. When Iʼm not working, I enjoy spending time with friends, family & my doggies and travelling the world. Most of the travelling happens for work reasons though, so itʼs a win win!

What attracted you to pole dancing in the first place?

Curiosity. I saw an ad in a magazine about pole dancing classes in my region and I didnʼt have a clue how it would be like but seemed very interesting. Without having any dance background, after the first trial class, I was hooked.

What exactly do you do at RAD on a typical day?

Every day is so different and I have to wear lots of hats. On a daily basis I will check our emails, social media, insights & do a quick meeting with our HQ team to discuss our current to-do list. Then it varies between designing, fittings, photoshoots, content creation, strategy, management, HQ stuff and finance. Never a dull moment!

What’s your favorite go-to activity to keep fit?

Pole Dancing of course. When I go through periods that I donʼt find the time to practise as much as I want, I exercise with my personal trainer who is my neighbour, mostly weight training.
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