Michelle had her sights set on a career in consulting after she graduated from university, however that all changed the day she tried pole dance for the first time and immediately fell in love. With no background in gymnastics, dance or fitness it wasnʼt an easy journey but her determination and perseverance took her to new heights. Within the first year she was performing pole and silks professionally and had began her new career as a pole teacher. As well as being a fully qualified 200hr yoga teacher, pole fitness & aerial yoga instructor, Michelle is also a co-founder and lead instructor at Pole Fit Dubai. As such, has been able to take her passion to new heights, sharing her love of pole through teaching and learning from some of the worldʼs greatest in the sport.

Do you follow any specific diet?

I do intermittent fasting most of the time, I normally donʼt eat before 12pm and have my last meal before 6pm. But I like to have the occasional cheat day

What are you doing when youʼre not pole dancing?

When I am not pole dancing I am doing yoga or out exploring new places and countries, i love to travel.

What do you love about RAD?

I love that RAD outfits make me feel so feminine and sexy yet strong. They always fit my body come in the most beautiful patterns and colours.
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