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Kira is a pole artist from Russia (St Petersburg). She started pole dancing in 2008. She doesnʼt have any professional dance or sport background, but she has a huge passion for pole dancing. Kira had 9 years of Music School in childhood what explains her love to musicality. After 2 years of practicing she started to teach, then compete in Russia, then in Europe and then in the rest of the world. Kira has a big experience in Pole Sport, Pole Art, Pole Doubles, Pole Contemporary and Exotic Pole Dance. Since 2012 she has been traveling the world, teaching workshops, judging competitions and performing in different dance-circus shows.

Since you are travelling so much, do you have any travelling tips to share?

There are so many, Iʼll write just a few. 1. Buy local SIM card if needed, then with google you will find anything you need. 2. Drink water. Especially when flying. 3. Take with you the essential medicines, including the sleeping pills. 4. Lots of things can go wrong, take it as an experience. When it goes very bad, it means in a while it will be an amazing story to tell.

Favorite RAD item?

Can I pick 10? Ok let me think.. The Volcana set, the Spirit set and the RAD shorts.

What urged you to start pole dancing?

Iʼve started pole dancing in 2 reasons. It was something forbidden and so interesting. And hard. But so motivating as every day I could achieve something. And Iʼve practiced literally every day. And I found friends. Second reason, I wanted to loose weight. And it worked.
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