Sarah is a Pole and Aerial Instructor at Pole Fit Dubai previously from the UK. With no previous background in dance or gymnastics she found her passion in pole fitness 6 years ago. Sarah loves how Pole gave her confidence and a talent to get fit and have fun at the same time. She loves how you can learn and accomplish something new in every class. You donʼt need someone telling you your doing great you can see it in yourself. Sarah moved to Dubai in 2014 and started teaching at Pole Fit Dubai sharing her love for this amazing sport and helping her students achieve what ever personal goals they have.

Favorite RAD item?

My favorite outfits are the “Nib” and “Moana” sets. I never knew I liked high waisted until I tried these on. They fit perfectly and I love the variety of colours.

How did you get into pole dancing?

Iʼve always been into fitness but never found anything I actually stuck at longer then a month. Ive previously been into the gym and bike riding and aerobics but I always seem to get bored after a while. Pole fitness had me hooked since my very first class... 7 years down the line and Iʼm still loving it. The outcome of every practice session is so rewarding and self motivating to keep you going back for more.

What is your favorite place in the world?

The UK will always be my favorite place because thatʼs my home and where my family are but recent trips to Bali and Philippines were so amazing. I never thought Iʼd be so lucky so visit either so I really soaked in every moment whilst I was there.
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