Evridiki Valavani - CEO/CO-FOUNDER Evridiki

Evridiki Valavani

Born in Athens, she was born an extrovert, a quality that she took advantage of on camera as well. She has been working as a journalist and TV hostess for the last 15 years. She is obsessed with an active lifestyle since she was a child. Except from swimming and track and field, she loves Pole Dancing & surfing. Always looking for adventure, she spent 6 months in the Caribbean jungle, taking part in the popular Greek tv reality show “Survivor”. She loves animals, travelling & music.

What motivates you about RAD?

RAD is our way of life, embodies all the things we love to do and our beliefs, this was the reason we started our company. So I can clearly say that all Amalia and I have chosen to “live” are those that give us motivation and inspiration to keep RAD going.

How do you find balance between your crazy work schedule and your personal life?

It is true that my schedule is hectic. Iʼm trying to organise my obligations the best way I can by prioritising them everyday and sticking to a plan.

Do you follow any specific diet?

I have never followed a strict diet. I am a big fan of eating healthy and I believe that you should do everything sparingly.
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